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Agelust Labs: A Blueprint Guide for Perimenopause

Bullshit, well maybe it will but probably it will only shift some shit around, clear some space and help you make the next best move. So, yep this is gonna change everything and change is everything. You may be asking yourself, WTF is she going on about. Or for fuck sake, get to the point. So I will. 

As we get older, shit changes, period. What used to work doesn’t. As much as we try to “keep it together” we start to notice where we are falling apart, a little bit. Maybe it’s strength, speed, libido, tolerance, hair texture or just not knowing who the kids are talking about these days. Our capacity for, fill in the blank, is becoming limited, and this may be by design.  It may be that we are noticing the freedom of our history, not from our history. 

Our lives and relationships become categories, an existential budget where we get to decide what we have the funds for. Now, I am not talking directly about money, although money can be the focus of the “budget”, it can also be energy, bullshit, orgasms, size, hot flashes. The point is that you know what those categories are.  

The beauty of the internet is that there are so many fucking answers. Take this supplement, see your doctor, take an ice bath, take a sauna, a hot bath, cold will rob your chi, dry brush, hydrate, sleep, eat, fast you get the idea. The more you look for the right answers, the more you have more questions. 

Make it make sense. 

I say it time and time again (hopefully you can hear me clapping), you are the expert of your body, your lived experience. Does this mean that you have all of the answers, nope. Does this mean that your ideas are not sometimes clouded by opinions and stories, nope. What it does mean is that you know when something is not “right,” something is “off,” getting to that something, expanding, may require guidance and support. This is what coaching and the Msitresses of the Menopausal Mind was all about.  Hell, this is what it means to be a doula, a nurse, a sponsor if you’re a friend of Bill’s.

It has been five years since I have been learning and sharing about perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause, not only as a nurse and provider, but also as someone going through this transition. This journey is far greater than hot flashes, metal mouth, lower libido, and night sweats. This is about money, sex, intimacy, self definition, bodies, strength, reclaiming and moving forward, finding fertile years to come.  

As part of The Mistresses, experts talked to us about money, human design, sex, health and movement. At the end of this past year some folks started hormones, some got dream jobs, others felt that their intimate lives improved, one created changed the way their industry cares for folks. Friendships were made, people felt safe and started to share their experience with others in their circles.  The Mistresses did in fact change everything. I changed too.

I realized that the Mistresses needed to grow. Initially, the program had no real direction.  There were amazing salons, wonderful conversations, and people were very self-directed as far as what they wanted to accomplish with their experience, but there were no clearly defined "goals". It was also very long.  My time budget was getting leaky with the 6 month blocks. 

I decided to mentally write a SOAP note while I was in the shower, where most great ideas occur. A SOAP note is a  guiding document to let people who are providers, nurses and therapists know what the pain point is, what the blocks are, name the issue and come up with a plan. In community, we can all have different pain points and find the correct solution for ourselves. We just need the right tools, and I have a ton of tools in my badunkajunk trunk. 

Bringing clarity to the meno-morphosis with expert lead tools. In place of six months, this is eight weeks, instead of ten meetings, we will have five. In the end, you will be able to develop a plan, find solutions, and experience expansive lustful aging. A new adventure called Agelust Labs has been created. 

The Agelust Labs program integrates science and spirit into a format that reframes the menopausal mindset. With the help of five insightful expert-led workshops, you will leave with a personalized blueprint for navigating the lush meno-morphosis.  

Five interactive Zoom workshops 

Evidence based tools 

A video library of 10 expert session


A choose-your-own-adventure-style plan of action that you can put into action or take to your provider. 


This could change everything.  There's no doubt this will be a great event! 

Please check out the mastermind tab at and if you have any questions, please ask, email me at or follow me on IG


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