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Welcome to the MenoCircle

The MenoCircle is for those of us who are hyper-independent but are looking for a safe place to take the pressure off while in deep transition.


A weaving together of individual care and community support.


I am calling it the MENO Circle for revolutionizing the menopause experience!

What is it???? 

The Meno Circle Membership for just $800!


This all-inclusive package combines personalized care with community support, ensuring you sail through menopause with ease. Here's what's included:


- 1:1 Initial Intake Session

- Second 1:1 Intake Session (lab review)

- 4 Follow-up Community Visits (6 total visits)


Each Meno Circle group will have a focus (sex, nutrition, movement, hormones, whatever group would like to focus on)


As a proud member of The Meno Circle, you'll enjoy exclusive perks such as:


- Priority Scheduling

- Convenient Appointment Times

- 5 Occurrences of Text/Email Support

- Members-only Pricing on Follow-up Visits

- Access to Supplements at Wholesale Prices


And guess what? We've got an in-person option too – because sometimes, nothing beats a face-to-face chat (an additional charge applies, of course).


**Payment Plan Option:**

HSA/FSA accepted

No need to break the bank! Our flexible payment plan makes quality menopause support accessible to all:


- Start with an Initial Payment of $250

- Follow it up with 5 Payments of $110


Got financial concerns? Don't sweat it! We're here to make sure everyone can access personalized care.


Join the circle. 

Let's connect.

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