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Erotic Power is not reliant on a partner, it is in you. I know that it can be hard to discuss these private parts of wellness whether with a partner, closest friend, or even a “professional”, but your gut is telling you there’s so much to explore. If you're seeking to ignite the erotic wisdom within and are looking to be supported and guided on your journey inward, then this 1:1 container is for you.


Where the nursing profession, sexual health, personal development are explored through blog posts, academic papers and workshops.

This is great for those of us in the traditional health industry and those who want to move beyond “that’s how it is” to the why and how we buy into concepts and possible limitations, allowing us to more fully integrate the erotic wisdom into work and service. 

Some topics explore sexuality and breastfeeding/chestfeeding, the erotics around chestfeeding , maslow, siksika and the sexual self, sex and aging, squirting, ejaculation & kink 

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Cannabis medicine is a mind-body modality.  When personalized, cannabis can help you make profound shifts in your healing journey. We understand that it can help you make dramatic shifts toward healing. We know that the conditions that qualify you to use cannabis medicine can often feel like an obstacle instead of an opportunity. We work alongside you using an integrative approach of body, mind, and spirit to help you understand how plant medicine works and how it may best serve you.

For NYS resdients only

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