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What's the difference between Agelust Labs and "Mistress"?
Agelust Labs is the Second Life of the Mistresses. Agelust Lab is purpose-driven, to build a blueprint that creates a plan of action. It can be linking your symptoms to perimenopause or finding clarity around movement, relationships, intimacy, or career.  You are the expert of your experience we are here to offer structure, expansion, and a plan. 
Well, the term is purposefully cheeky. It’s about taking control of our lives, and building them up even better, embracing this ‘second spring”. Because this is a “mastermind”, I also wanted to use a different word so Mistress was that word. So you don’t have to be into kink, although that’s cool too. This is a modern approach through a right of passage. Plus I’m not really into the “crone” idea just yet.


What’s a Mastermind?
Wikipedia says “A mastermind group is a peer-to-peer mentoring group used to help members solve their problems with input and advice from the other group members”.
I know that you are an expert on you. You have a pretty good idea of what works and what’s a waste of time. The experts are here to expand your knowledge, while the group coaching and mistresses are here to support you with their amazing knowledge.

Do I have to be in menopause?
Hell no! There are many touchpoints in the journey through your fertile time. Perimenopause can start even when you have a "regular: period. So if you feel you are in transition and it has something to do with your hormones come work some stuff out, 
Why 8 weeks?
Well, we can get a lot done in a short time. There will be 4 virtual meetings, every other Sunday, where we will focus on one of the 4 steps of this blueprint creation. You will have actionable steps and exercises to gain clarity (ie answers). In the between the time you will look at expert lectures, flesh out the journal prompts, work on the workbook pages, share with the group and come back with more answers. 

What can I expect?

Laughing, aha moments, information, support. What have the members gotten unexpectedly? One person got the job of their dreams (scarcity session), and one mistress faced a fear of going to the doctor. Another Mistress got an invite to a podcast because she realized that there is a huge demographic of people that are going through menopause and no one is paying attention. One mistress reignited their sex life, another decided that she did want to start hormones. A mistress used what she learned in HD to enhance her relationship.
What's a 1:1 with you like, will you prescribe medication?

I am a board-certified nurse practitioner and a North American Menopause Society member. I also have been coaching in the sex health world for a long time, with that said if you want to talk about medical issues we can, but I will not prescribe I will only advise based on your unique needs and evidence-based medicine. We will create a plan and backup documentation that you can take to your provider. Let’s say you just want to talk and work through some stuff, then I can absolutely hold space for that too, and coach if you desire to coach. You will let me know what type of support you need.
I don't know if I'm in menopause, but something is up.
Let's facetime even your own provider may not know if you're in perimenopause. In fact, it may seem like their response is a bit gaslight adjacent. I believe that you do know your body. If there's something off then there's something off.  Agelust Lab can help you get clarity. If you are going through changes with your menstruation and you feel that you are called to join us, between all of the expert guests, the expertise of the lived experience that Mistresses have, and your own internal knowledge we will come up with answers, solutions, and next steps.

Is there an age requirement?
There is no age requirement. We know that perimenopause can start in your 30s, some people are menopausal by their 40s. Post-menopause is that period after your periods have stopped and it continues for the rest of your life, Mistresses of the Menopausal Mind is a mastermind that strives to stick with you way beyond the actual experience. Even if you are still in your very fertile years but want to get a jump on this journey, join us.

Do I have to live in the US? 

No! The beauty of Zoom and other apps is that they let us communicate with each other. Depending on group size, we can even figure out a group time that is best for your time zone. One day I hope we all meet IRL, preferably near a beach. 
I'm nonbinary but I have a uterus, can I join?       

I had a hysterectomy. Can I join?    

I stopped bleeding years ago. Can I join?
Yes, this is for all stages of the journey.

I don't, can't, or won't take hormones, is this for me?
Agelust Labs is not just about the symptoms and sensations of menopause. I believe that you are the expert on your body and we are here to give you information and support your choices. There are members who use hormones and others that do not because all bodies are different.

Got more questions? Book a free call and I can answer them.


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