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JULY - NOV 2022

Our second cohort - NEW EXPERTS - NEW TOPICS

An irreverent five-month mastermind and inclusive community led by a team of expert speakers from the health and wellness field. Designed for women, femmes, nonbinary, intersex, and trans folx looking to explore hormonal changes through the lens of curiosity, joy, humour, and solidarity. 

Got questions?

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But you don't need to go through it alone!

This is a group coaching program and inclusive community designed for anyone who has stopped or is starting to stop bleeding whether it be due to biological, surgical or chemical means.


Led by a team of expert speakers from the health and wellness fields, this is a space to work through concerns and challenges with the guidance of a supportive community. Monthly speakers will cover topics such as healing modalities, medications, human design, and menopausal money matters, whilst a dedicated community space and live workshops provide space for Q&As and sharing.


I had a wonderful experience working with Jessica. She was welcoming, understanding, flexible and extremely resourceful. She made me feel like my concerns and stressors were valid and reasonable. I felt that she cared for me overall and I was not only a business transaction. I absolutely recommend her, she is wonderful. 

Alina (she/her)

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🌟 You are on the journey of menopause. 

🌟 You have stopped bleeding due to surgical, biological, or chemical means.

🌟 You’ve had a hysterectomy, you are taking hormone suppressing medication, etc.


🌟 You are experiencing perimenopause,  through post Menopause or that time after menstruation stops.

🌈 Note that there are no age or gender barriers here: some people start experiencing perimenopause in their mid 30s others go through chemical or surgical hormonal changes even earlier. We also gladly welcome non-binary and trans members! 



So how does it work?

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monthly webinar available live and as a replay on all topics

Over the space of 5 months we will focus on 5 pillars, mind, body, sex, spirit, and purpose. Our range of expert speakers will guide you through topics such as:

  • Symptoms and solutions such as HRT or natural supplements

  • Sex & sexuality

  • Human Design through transition

  • Career, the hustle, and scarcity

  • Mood and mindset


When your body is changing it can feel isolating. Because who the hell can you talk to about this shit? Well, you can share it with us!! We're building a vibrant community of people who are going through what you are going through!

It's a lot more fun to share the ups and downs of menopause with those who've been there and done that! Here is a space to share your experience, learn about this transition, support each other, and be supported, creating a life that’s better than you could have imagined. 

  • We meet once a month for Q&A, experience sharing, and community building! Because you do not have to go through these changes alone!



A dedicated online space to support each other

Gain instant access to our online community so you can share stories, concerns, experiences, and your thoughts on the topic of the course. 

Having a dedicated space for us to share our experience with each other outside of the structure of the program allows for continued support throughout the 5 months of the program and beyond!

*Bonus month for integration

how much does it cost?

I wanted to build a program that is accessible to everyone and so I've tried to keep the costs at a minimum, with an early bird price of just $2000 USD for the entire 5 months. If the upfront payment isn't available for you right now, you can save your spot with a deposit of $150 and contact me to work out a payment plan. 

What's included?

  • We meet 2x a month for 75 mins from July to November 2022  (10 meetings total)

  • Workbooks for past and present cohorts

  • 1:1 Consult where we can discuss hormones, sex, relationships, life, anything you want 

  • Each month, one meeting will include a live speaker, talking on topics relating to menopause and hormonal transition.

  • The other meeting will provide space for a Q&A, for experience sharing, and to come together as a community.

  • Meetings will take place live over Zoom, exact dates and times to be confirmed  (based on timezones and preferences of the group)

  • If you are not able to make it to the live events, all meetings will be recorded and available as replays.

  • Upon joining, you will gain access to our online community space (held through our private App). This space is just for our group and allows you to interact, share and ask questions throughout the 5-month program. You are happily encouraged to get involved, answer each other's questions and share your progress if you feel like doing so.

What's not included?

  • We will provide a dedicated space for Q& A in our meetings, but any additional private support or coaching outside of the monthly meetings is not included. That being said, if you would like to include a private coaching package with the program, please do contact Jessica or any of our speakers for more information.

  • Our community space is for the community to share their experience and ask questions to the entire community, not for speakers and coaches to answer specific questions. If you have questions for our speakers and coaches, please ask these during our Q&A sessions.

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hi! i'mJessica

I am a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner with 18 years of experience in the wellness space and I created Mistresses of The Menopausal Mind for People like you (and me!) 


Because I've been there too! For me and many of my clients, we share similar frustrations. There's nothing worse than hitting our prime, having the sense to put the WAP to good use, only to find that you have a DAP!  Who do you talk to, who do you share this shit with? 

Well now you can share it with us!!!! I want to hear about your clots, cramps and sneezing, and I want to share what has worked for me, what the research says and a vision of a hot femme future!

I discovered for myself that there's a lot more to menopause than hot flashes and mood swings. You can transition with ease and even joy! And I want to share with you HOW.

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All this work has lead to better control over my anxiety, better sleep, and improved my leadership and focus at work.
I have already referred a friend dealing with similar issues and would absolutely recommend others working with Jessica.

Calia (she/her)

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