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2 articles - 1 NP

Menopause is a human rights issue. The people who go through menopause are humans who have a right to access information and care. The transition into menopause is also a quality of life issue. A validated quality of life issue. Image spontaneously bleeding while at work with a bunch of 20 something, you dontnhave supplies because you haven’t bled in months. Or all of the sudden speaking to a colleague one that has been challenging to say the least, like a mansplainer, and just when you’ve recalled the come back you feel this heat rise through you chest, face tingle and you start sweating buckets. you get the point.

The first article address aging and sexuality in older age.

The second article talks about the abortion pill, a process that I have been a support person for. I believe that there is a connection between the menopause journey and abortion rights. Those of us not burdened by the responsibility of fertility supporting those that have hard choices to make.

And then there’s access to care. Who gets menopause care is very similar to who gets abortion care. Who has the health literacy and the means to act on it - ultimately making the right informed and individual choice for the one person.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

if you’re interested in the new MOMMs group let me know.


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