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Welcome to the Private Parts of Wellness

Let’s talk about sex. It’s ok, I’m a nurse.

Nurses don’t just stick objects into people. Nurses care for the whole person -- the physical, emotional, and personal history of the patient -- to assess how all systems impact health. Rosemarie M. Hogan wrote in Human Sexuality: A Nursing Perspective, the “Quality of being human, all that we are as men and women.” Yet too often, we nurses ask only what is necessary, and neglect the sexual lives of patients in order to avoid uncomfortable conversations.

But how can we not discuss the sexual body when a patient has intractably lodged a dildo up the bum?

For the last decade, I have been that nurse. The one who acknowledges that the apparatus probably felt good. The one who will discuss the details of insertion, self play, and partner play. And the one who can help you be safer next time.

While I take great pride and care in checking vitals or changing a colostomy bag, my passion is helping patients live a full (sexual) life, no matter their age. I believe in supporting and advocating for the whole health of a person, especially the private parts.

I believe that:

  1. Sex should be enjoyable.

  2. Sexual health is integral to your overall health/wellbeing/wellness.

  3. Sex should always be discussed at medical appointments, outside of the problems of STDs (unless you have a podiatry appointment...correction if podophilia is your thing then go for it).

  4. We should be able to talk about sex beyond sanctimony or smut.

  5. And that there are no dumb questions.

Each week, I will answer your (not dumb) questions, review products for sexual health, and share stories and tips for every body.

Do you have a question you’ve been itching to ask a medical professional? I’m here to answer it!

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