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The scent of a woman is not that of a fish

You know you’ve sniffed your panties before and you know you liked it.

Georgia O’Keefe Black Iris (1926)

Years ago, I was at a couple’s apartment and in their bathroom was a bumper sticker that said “If it smells like fish, eat it.” They were not pescatarians but lovers of the vulva and all of its fragrant beauty. While the bumper sticker was in good fun, it perpetuated a myth that lingers like salmon on a hot day. The vulva and vaginal secretions are stinky. And that is simply not true, they are not… well, unless they are.

Almost daily, a woman will come to the clinic complaining about vaginal itching, or a fishy smell. Well I first ask them how long it has been going on and if they wash their vulvas. In all instances they say, “of course I wash down there.” I then ask what they use, some women name moisturizing soaps, others special vaginal cleaning products. Some mention, “jabon de cuaba”, which is a laundry soap. I immediately tell her to STOP! The vagina is a self cleaning marvel, balancing the good and bad bacteria, with secretions that not only clean but protect. You shouldn’t even use hot water to “wash out” the vagina or vulva. I then point out that on most days, she probably has sniffed her own drawers and loved the scent. At this point there are usually giggles of affirmation. If you are like most women you like your own scent and most likely anyone else consenting to sniff your panties or the actual blossom, enjoys it too.

But the pescado you say….well that could be a result of bacterial vaginosis (BV). BV is an overgrowth of bacteria in most cases from a pH imbalance after douching. This can also occur after sex or with the use of an IUD like Mirena. One way to work toward your vulva purring like a kitten is when introducing any products insure that they are pH balanced like lube by Good Clean Love.

Finally if you want to learn more about your juicy self, the team at Thinx had an awesome article about the discharge.

Let me know what you smell and pass this on like.

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