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Sexercise, because a good sweat is what you need.

I love the human body. I love to watch it move, bend, lift, push, pull, birth and age. I have my favorite muscle groups, of course...the abdominis rectus as it leads into a man’s pants. The vastus lateralis and medialis of a woman’s thighs and her defined deltoids. Strength is hot, movement is sexy and being able to move is even sexier.

As the weather is getting warmer, I know many of us start to think about our beach bodies again. Perhaps you have been living under the delusion that you have to join a gym, especially the one that has Pizza Mondays. You believe firmly that working out requires professional equipment and some crazy time that you certainly don’t have. Well I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t.

In fact, my exercise regimen happens wholly in the comfort of my own home. I workout once a day for 15 minutes with YouTube. Then there’s always sex, because anything that gets your heart going is cardio.

Sex can be cardio and it can also be strengthening and stretching all at once. Depending on how you do it, sex is usually considered light to moderate exercise. For some of us, it can even be vigorous at times. It’s all about the effort you put into it. Consider the missionary position - the person on top may be doing the most work, however the person on the bottom can concentrate on tightening their pelvic floor and transversus abdominis, with each exhale. Or say you want to work on balance, sex while standing up not only works different sets of muscles in your legs but you also begin breathing harder, and you’ll be thrown a bit off balance so that your core has to activate to keep you both stable.

What about good old fashion doggy style? Well, here the receiver can strengthen their arms while on all fours. While the giver uses their glutes as they thrust forward. Cowgirl is another excellent opportunity to strengthen some of the largest muscles in your body. The receiver can squat over the giver and use the power of her legs to ride the buck. You can also reverse that ride and face your lover’s feet massaging their legs while you work, as an added bonus.

The thigh muscles also get a workout with The Amazon, wherein the person with the phallus lays on their back, knees up, the receiver then squats on top and pumps up and down with their Amazonian leg strength. The Amazon can also lean forward and transfer some of the work to the upper body as well.

What if you just want to relax and stretch into it? Pirate’s Booty might be what you are looking for. The receiver lies on their back with one leg lifted and resting on the shoulder of the giver, the other leg wraps around the giver’s waist. Switch legs for an even stretch.

To end this workout session, you may want to try the Lotus. The giver sits up in the lotus position, or crossed legs, the receiver sits on top and wraps their legs around the giver. You hold each other and breathe together.

Sexercise Kylie Minogue

Moving past the bedroom … when it comes to my daily solo exercise routine, I am actually as close to naked as I can be for that as well. Not because I want to express my Themyscira (Wonder Woman’s hometown) self but because I have kids, two of whom are over the age of 7 and hate to see their mother in any form of undress. By working out scantily clad, I increase the chances of being left alone for those sacred 15 minutes a day.

This is a good time for me to point out that it takes effort for me to stick to this regimen. I am a woman of a certain age with three children, I have a full time job and am getting my masters. I’m tired! I love my couch and my potato chips and watching Empire. However, I have learned that when I take these 15 minutes a day for myself, to workout, I feel better than I do after binge-watching the Biggest Loser with my boyfriends Ben and Jerry.

Each morning, I browse the web looking for new workouts that I want to try. Then I usually pick one, roll out my yoga mat, grab some water and start. Most days I do high intensity interval training (HIIT for 10-15 minutes) and if I have time, 10 minutes of yoga. Some days, I will just work on Sun Salutations in the AM and some Kundalini in the PM. Then there are those days when I can’t get it together at all.

For those days, I thought about adding some extra motivation for myself and for my readers, give us all one more reason to work out. And to that end, I have compiled a list of exercises for you that are explicitly geared toward sex or sexual pleasure:

Cat Cow Pose - As you inhale, lift your tailbone up and look up, and then round your back as you exhale, try and kiss your mound venus. This is nice gentle warm-up, stretching the spine, abdominals, torso, back and neck. It brings the spine into alignment and prepares the body for other movement.

Sex benefit - This will move energy through your body and the slow pumping movement may just get things going by gently stimulating the pelvic floor muscles.

Kundalini Frog Pose - Squat down, with your heels off the ground and together, exhale here, then inhale, straighten your legs, with your head down and hands on the ground. Go for 26 of these. This will strengthen and tone your inner and outer thigh muscles, improve circulation and is a great energizer as well.

Sex benefit - Strong thighs are particularly useful for The Amazon mentioned above.

Plank pose - Start on all fours, making sure your arms are directly under your shoulders, then lengthen your legs back, grounding all toes. Extend through your heels and lengthen through the crown of your head. Engage your core, trying to touch your bellybutton to your spine. The plank will teach you to hold yourself together, strengthen the entire abdominal area, your back and the arms. You can also switch into up/down plank (like push ups) to further work your arms as well, alternating between lowering onto one forearm, than the other.

Sex benefit - A stronger core will allow you to hold a lot of positions for longer, starting with that missionary. A strong core comes in handy for standing shower sex too.

Yoga burpees with a Squat - Any burpee is a serious cardio move, and gets your whole body moving. You can add a few pushups, a jump or any other variation you find.

  1. Start standing -Tadasana for my yoga friends

  2. Squat down, with your heels off the ground and together - Malasana

  3. Step left leg back into a low lunge -Anjaneyasana variation

  4. Step right leg back to meet it

  5. Push up

  6. Step Left leg up back into a low lunge

  7. Step right leg up to meet it

  8. Squat down again, with your heels off the ground and together

  9. End, standing up tall

Repeat 5 times, alternating your starting leg.

Squatting opens the pelvis and strengthens the pelvic floor while also strengthening your legs and the low lunges will open your hips further.

Sex benefit: For a strong pelvic floor you need to be able to relax it as much as you can squeeze it. Awareness of the the pelvic floor can significantly impact your orgasms for the better. Don’t just do Kegels, think of opening and releasing. By incorporating lunges into a burpee, you can prevent sexcramping, that cramp that happens in your body that makes you say “wait, wait, wait, I have a cramp,” before you climax.

Bridge Pose - As you inhale, lift the hips up and lower your hips as you exhale. Focus on trying to bring your bellybutton as close to your spine as you can. This is a a great exercise to strengthen your glutes and hamstrings.

Sex benefits - Glutes and sex go together like bread and butter … think Arch position, from the Bridge Pose, you can easily be the receiver. And if you’re not strong enough yet, add pillows.

Baddha Konasana - Keep your heels together, close your eyes and relax. Allow the knees to fall open. Use pillows to support the knees if you want. Breathe into the belly and pelvis. Allow your heart to open. You will stretch your thighs, groin and knees. This pose is also said to stimulate the ovaries, soothe menstrual discomfort and ease childbirth when practiced into late pregnancy.

Sex benefits - Use this pose to become aware of the breath. Betty Dodson, Phd., guru of the Magic Wand, has talked about the importance of breath and orgasm for decades.The deeper and more connected you are to your breath, especially the exhalation, the more intense the orgasm. And if you have a workout partner, who knows what sweaty fun may ensue...

What you need to remember is that you don’t need an hour or a gym membership or an elliptical in your apartment to stay moving and stay strong. All you need is 15 minutes a day and if you get some or give some sexual pleasure that will make for a second workout of the day.

Make sure to sweat a little bit everyday. Regular exercise you will help you to feel hot. And there is nothing sexier than feeling good in your own skin.

And if you need a little extra inspiration check out these sites: Benderfitness, Popsugar fitness, momsintofitness, Millionaire Hoy

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