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For Fungus Sake: Micro-dosing, Perimenopause, and a Mistress Mindset

Bish I’ve been busy. Last time you heard from me it was all about nervousness and excitement. Since then I have come up with the term EXSADDED. That was how I described dropping my first born off at college, I was excited and sad, exsadded. But you got that cause, you’re no dummy.

My exsadded state got me thinking about fungus. Was I so exsadded that I thought about magic mushrooms, maybe. But really I went down a shower inspirational spiral and thought more about how one word can have 2 meanings. Like fungus. Sure, you may think of yeast infections, jock itch, moldy fruit or you may think of, penicillin, portobello burgers or even psilocybin. Fungus, organisms, that can bring up uneasiness and even disgust, but they can be healing. This is the new relationship I am starting to cultivate with STRESS.

We have been told that it is literally killing us. “Stress is killing you.” Hey, Bozo it’s not. In fact, stress is helping you to stay alive, stay alert, keep growing, literally and figuratively. Take lifting weights, that’s a stress that build muscle and bone and stop us from breaking a hip and killing us in our 90s. School, new jobs, relationships all asking us to stretch. What becomes problematic or bad stress is the stress that we try to control, that is not ours to control. Think about the Serenity Prayer, the distinction between what you can not change and the courage to change what you can. This courage is a stress you can put your back into.

I am inviting you to stress. I am inviting you to eat the fungus. Or the ass if that’s your thing, because exploring the private parts of wellness can be a positive stress. Discussing what you like, what you need, what you want, and where your boundaries lie can be stressful but the reward can be climatic. Even if that conversation is with your ever-loving self. Fuck it, the climax itself is the result of stress, tension a deep build up and then BOOOOOM or even pop.

One of the missions of the Mistresses of the Menopausal Mind is, yes, to keep that pH, pHing but also disrupt and redefine the way the menopause transition is felt, physically and emotionally. This can feel like a risk, a pressure, STRESS. Advocating for your changing body, and a mind being remodeled for new creation. I could go on but I have other stresses to grow from.

So as you tell yourself and others, “I’m so stressed” can you see the orgasmic positivity of that stress? Is there action you can do to take the pressure off if needed? Or are you stuck in a pattern of jock itch and worry? Maybe you need those magic mushrooms, maybe you need to rub one out, or maybe you need the community to remind you of your power. Or a combo of all of it.

Let me know how you relate to stress and fungus. Have you found yourself in a habit of framing stress as something horrible or do you invite stress into your life? How do you take the pressure off?

If you are looking for laughs and info the Mistresses of the Menopausal Mind is all about the fungus and reframing. We have community, and expert sessions around topics that go far beyond boring night sweats. In fact this Monday 8/29 our expert Dr. Damaris, is talking about integrative medicine, gut health and hot flashes. We have experts lined up to explore intimacy and relationships, psychedelics, body autonomy, beauty, and ofcourse the science of menopause and hormonal support. While the live sessions are closed you can still get access to the lectures.

Wanna unpack the stresses and eat the fungus but don’t feel that the Mistresses are right for you. We can work one on one.

I want to know what you think. I invite you to share your thoughts, no matter how stressed it makes me. 😉

Lifting heavy and loving it.



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