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Mistresses of the Menopausal Mind

'Mistresses of the Menopausal Mind' embraces a less antiquated, more modern approach to menopause. In addition to mistresses sharing their experiences, experts discuss evidence-based solutions, there is a touch of woo woo, provocative conversation, mindfulness, and a fuck ton of laughter.

Mistresses of the Menopausal Mind is hosted by Jessica Jolie Badonsky, a board-certified nurse practitioner, FKA Nutrasweet back when entering the Shampoo Room at Limelight. Way back when Jessica could be seen performing spoken word about race and sex at a Vitapup show at No Tell Motel.

This "come as you are" energy is what Jessica brings to your menopause journey because she knows you are more than just your hot flashes!

And about these images! These were created by the amazing, talented board-certified nurse practitioner Nathan Gammill, yes a dude made these and I am so honored that he did!!!! The universe puts people in your path sometimes and I am so grateful Nathan was placed in mine. If you want to hire him let me know!!!!!

Check the site for more info or contact me to sign up we start next week!!!


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