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Rediscovering the Creative Legacy: Earl Talbot's Pathway to Mentorship

A few years ago, precisely 72 weeks ago, I invited Earl to an Instagram Live session to discuss sex, aging, and menopause. Why, you ask? Why the fuck not!  On that same platform, I saw a reel with Rick Rubin, a famous producer, or something,  talking about how he has no musical talent blah blah blah.  He sat with his long dirty beard, dark glasses, and shorts, shoeless of course and I thought “What kind of fuckery is this?” 

Fast forward to Mr. Rubin being adored by Andrew Huberman, Ph.D., and when the topic of AI emerged, Rubin admitted he was neither worried nor impressed because AI can't create from the "point of view" of a creator. I could dig that so I bought his book "The Creative Act: A Way of Being." It did not disappoint — exactly as I suspected, it SUCKED, and I was neither surprised nor let down. Kinda like a Frat Bro’s enlightenment cause the “ladies like a sensitive guy.” 

That's when I thought of Earl. Who do I know who is deeply immersed in their creativity, an artist, a teacher, and just wants to be a better, kinder person?

I've known Earl since our teenage years, and his enthusiasm for music has been a constant. In this interview, he's open about areas where he might have made better choices, as well as his journey to becoming what one Instagram commenter dubbed him, "Earl the Legend."

For those with a musical background, you'll appreciate the language he uses for the more technical aspects of his work, even though there were points where I was completely lost.

For me, it was incredible to speak with someone who is not only constantly creating but also excited to share his knowledge while continuing to grow as an artist.

Let me know what you think. 

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To find Earl check out his IG @eswabidi

Oh and here’s Earl’s bio:

From Chicago to Cameroon, Earl's multicultural blend of music has touched millions of listeners with the message of inclusiveness and respect for each other's heritage.

Earl is a renowned Drummer, Composer, Producer, and Music Instructor. He wrote and produced over 90 songs broadcast regularly on the Oprah Winfrey Show. His career includes performances with house music legends Derick Carter and Mark Farina, as well as touring and recording with Master Griots Dialy Mady Cissoko, Morikeba Kouyate, Christian Bourdon, Poi Dog Pondering, The Chicago Sinfonietta, as well as scores of other artists and clients. 

As a multi-platinum recording artist, Earl has worked on songs from Maya Angelou's "Human Family Remix" with Tamarra Love, to Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy's production of "The Hush Sound" with Shawn O'Keefe. Earl wrote and produced 3 songs for Katt William’s ‘American Hustle’.  His hit song "Yakaleo" with French sensation "Nomads" earned a Diamond Record for its success throughout Central Europe and North Africa.

" Earl has a fluidity as a musician that can't help but inspire others. Be it rock and jazz or the poly-rhythms of Cameroon, Talbot is capable of most anything percussive.

His real talent, however, is his inexhaustible patience and enthusiasm for music. Any student of his is lucky. "

~ Patrick Stump, Fall Out Boy


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