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Vaxed, waxed, and letting it flow

Fun fact: If you want stronger orgasms, f$kc around while you bleed. If the flow is messy, you can mistress the menstrual cup for outercourse and the menstrual disk for intercourse to contain your flow but let your juices loose. The reason why it feels so good is because even when you aren't aware of it, your uterus contracts during orgasm, and those contractions become stronger during your period. A period orgasm might relieve cramps,

alleviate headaches, and make you feel better. You may even get more bang for your buck by using cannabis to ease any of your symptoms that qualify you for medical cannabis use.

When you suffer from PMS or PMDD, you not only experience debilitating sy

CBD, as well as calming anxiety and sadness, may also boost your immune system, making you even mightier. THC additionally helps as progesterone is at its peak after ovulation, thereby blunting progesterone to ease discomfort. The idea is that by blunting progesterone this will also elevate mood and reduce cramping. However, delivery is important too, while THC is awesome for relaxation, inflammation, and pain, CBD in suppository form may be “more better”. By localizing the absorption, inserting a body safe suppository, you are going straight to the source and adding lubrication. Be mindful, the suppository may not be latex safe, and a period does not mean you can not get pregnant or catch infections. Make sure you do your research and have the important conversations you need to have with yourself and your partner.

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