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Gifts 🎁 for your Naughty List 🔥

It’s the most extra time of the year! Gift wrapping presents, yourself, poultry extra extra extra. So what do you get yourself, because you have been doing the most and moist, or at least getting there. Here is a gift guide to support your transition during the holiday season. Cover yourself with glitter and get to shopping.

The first gift on the list - Gifting yourself with support and joining the Mistresses of the Menopausal Mind (M3tmvmnt) a 5 month group of people moving through th transition of “the change”. Expert speakers, peer support and endless possibilities.

Educational moments:

Transitions offer an opportunity to learn more about our changing bodies When it comes to the sexual body, the private parts of your wellness there are several educational opportunities.

You may also decide to check out Jaiya (Goop) and investigating your erotic blue print. Are you energetic, sexual, sensual, kinky, or a shapeshifter. Get curious about what turns you on.

Then check out OMGYes, this is a program, hands on at home, that is dedicated to your pleasure. Do you want to learn about edging, hand pleasure, techniques? This program can be enjoyed alone or with a partner.

Just 1? Check Bonding Project and learn about polyamory, where you fit in the spectrum of partnership.

Santa brings all the toys:

What about tools and toys to elevate your play. Casey Murphy, owner of the Pleasure Parlor, Certified Sex Educator, and expert sexual wellness tool curator has suggested these intimacy essentials for all experience levels.

Super Powerful Vibrating Wand Massager: Doxy Die Cast

  • Most powerful wand vibe on the market - a significant upgrade to the Hitachi Magic Wand

  • Premium quality, body-safe

  • Quiet motor; rumbly vs. buzzy sensations

Anal Pleasure: Femme Fun Plua Plug & Check out this blog postWhat’s with all this bum stuff?”

  • Perfect for all experience levels

  • Deep, powerful vibrations - choose your comfort level and speed

  • Premium quality, body-safe

Couples Play: WeVibe Chorus

  • Ideal for use during partner penetration

  • Motor intensity matches your rhythm - increases/decreases with your movement

  • Fully customizable patterns

Versatile Intimate Lubricant: Intimina Moisturizer

  • Doubles as a lubricant + daily moisturizer

  • pH-balanced, skin-safe, water-based formula

  • Safe for use with toys

  • Suppository pearls that work while you sleep

  • Helps with hydration and relief from vaginal dryness; vaginal atrophy

  • Estrogen free, organic, & soothing

‘Holy Grail’ Cock Ring: Fun Factory NOS Rechargeable Vibrating Ring

  • Stays in place with internal grooves

  • Powerful motor delivers significant clitoral/external stimulation

  • Can help facilitate harder, fuller erections

Bathroom Pleasure: The Waterslyde

  • Perfect if your only time to enjoy solo pleasure is in the bathroom!

  • No vibration, only water stimulation

  • Non-penetrative stimulation

  • Easily attaches to bathtub faucet

“Holy Grail’ G-Spot Massage: Le Wand Stainless Steel Hoop Wand

  • Heavier, weighted for satisfying pressure on the G-spot

  • Subtle texture for added stimulation

  • Can be fully sterilized; body-safe

Non-Vibrating G-Spot Dil: FunFactory Limba Flex Dildo

  • Small, thin size for pain-free penetration

  • Fully flexible for tailored stimulation

  • Can be fully sterilized; body-safe

Oral Sex-ish Stimulation (Non Suction): LELO ORA 3 Intelligent Oral Sex Simulator

  • Internal bead rotates slow to speedy

  • Handheld device for solo or couples pleasure

  • Silky smooth silicone

Hot Product du Jour: Clitoral Suction (...but with a bonus feature!): Suckle Rose Clitoral Suction Vibrator

  • Incorporates the feature of clitoral suction with a handheld design

  • Dual-purpose vibrator and external stimulator

  • Handle allows for great addition to partner play


Prepare for the New Year, New You

No one will know --- want things a bit more discreet but dangerous?

  • Dipsea stories, use your earbuds to explore what turns you on. Their website says 500 Sexy Stories, Sleep Stories, and Wellness Sessions.

  • One of the recent Imperfect Kikis I talked about my love of a bodysuit. One of the perks of moving through the change will be that you can wear while silk panties and know they will not get stained. So splurge on some sexy underthings. Here are a few of my latest favorites.

Of course there’s Savage X which is almost exactly what I wore in high school to the senior awards ceremony.

Have a wonderful holiday season and remember to take time to connect with yourself!!

Use code M310OFF at the Pleasure Parlor for 10% off online purchases (not applicable to recurring subscription).

Subscribe! Check out my other posts and offers, like the Mistresses of the Menopausal Mind for a group experience, or private coaching.


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